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Lead-Acid Batteries

Recycling lead-acid batteries is the law, and is a part of the “Battery Act” (The Mercury Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996). This law was set out to ensure safe recycling of batteries such as lead-acid batteries, in order to prevent potential environmental damage.

If you’re in need of battery recycling services, you should first see what your state’s laws are on this topic. Since each state has different laws, check out BatteryCouncil.org, which has a breakdown of battery recycling laws by state.

Hopyard Recycling provides battery recycling solutions for any type of batteries. We ensure that all of our processes are certified, and abide by the laws in your area. Contact us today for next day pickup and join the contribution of recycling batteries so that the materials can be put to good use, instead of waste.

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