Risk Mitigation

Tri Valley Recyclers ( TVR) provides superior expertise in mitigating our clients’ risk by eliminating environmental liabilities and ensuring complete data security. Our IT asset disposal procedures follow very strict processes to increase your level of security and lower any potential risk, nearly eliminating the possibility of a security breach.

As the top ITAD company, our process exceeds all local, federal and international standards and data destruction regulations. We comply with R2 standards for data security, which means that absolutely no data may leave our secure facility without first being overwritten, sanitized or physically destroyed.






At TVR, we utilize a patent-pending wiping solution that is consistent in all of our data sanitation and data destruction processes. TVR guarantees that sensitive data is non-recoverable. We are extremely confident in our guarantee – we regularly perform Quality Control checks by sending randomly selected equipment to OnTrack for expert recovery attempts and they have yet to recover any data on any device sent by us for testing..

For further protection of client privacy, we also remove any asset tags or proprietary labels on equipment.




A report detailing each device make, model, serial number and storage (i.e. hard drive) serial number.

The method in witch it was destructed and a date of completion.


IT Asset Catalog

A report of all equipment received, including the make and model number of the equipment, the corresponding serial numbers, and asset tags, as applicable.

Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of destruction (CoD) is a document that states receipt and compliant destruction of confidential data.

Reverse Logistics

TVR offers prompt, professional service for removal of retired electronic hardware. Our logistics crews have extensive experience de-installing, removing, and loading equipment, making the IT asset disposal process as quick and convenient for you as possible.

Reverse Logistic

Based in Pleasanton, TVR has a large network of removal specialists and recycler in all East Bay. We have our own trucks and contracts with the best logistics companies to ensure timely removal. Wherever excess equipment is located TVR can have removal teams there and ready to go.


Having outdated or surplus electronics cluttering your facility can be a real setback to your operation as well as your profitability. Space is money and we understand that. We have ample storage space at our secure facility and we are able to take any amount of equipment that you need removed.


Here at TVR, we understand that many companies are not equipped with loading docks, and getting equipment ready for removal can be a real hassle. That is why we offer a full service IT asset disposition option, and will remove equipment directly from wherever it is located in a client’s facilities.

Data Center Decommissioning

All technicians with TVR are full-time employees that have been fully vetted.
We perform background checks and screenings prior to adding anyone to one of our data center decommissioning teams. This ensures that only qualified and capable technicians will be handling your equipment and data.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced handling all aspects of data center decommissioning projects. Our white-glove approach to decommissioning means our technicians will complete your project efficiently, on-time, and under budget in accordance with your specific needs.

Quick Response

We will complete your data center decommissioning project quickly and efficiently, on time and under budget using our white-glove approach.

High Security

Our facilities are kept under 24-hour video surveillance and are only accessed by approved individuals.



Trained Technicians

Our technicians are experienced working in all types of facilities including colocations, corporate locations, shared and dedicated hosting facilities.

Online Portal

Whether you have a single location or hundreds, the TVR secure client portal will ensure you stay organized and provide you with up-to-date information regarding your assets and services.

Peace of Mind

We have gained a reputation as THE trusted data center decommissioning company from the largest U.S. corporations.


Chain of Custody

TVR will custom tailor a secure chain-of-custody and logistics plan for your scheduled service, creating a custom data center decommissioning project plan for all of your locations throughout. Secure, real time chain-of-custody load tracking includes GPS position, altitude, angle, speed, time, and overall distance traveled.