IT Asset Disposition powered by the TVR Program.

Generate cash from old IT Assets. TVR is interested in buying back a wide range of IT assets – smartphones, PCs, printers, monitors, servers, storage, networking, and telephony, so you can offer your customers the convenience of dealing with a single service provider. With access to a broad range of buyers, we can maximize the cash value of these assets – cash that helps customers fund a new project, an in-year savings or a charitable donation.

Customers earn carbon credits to meet sustainability goals. The program offers a unique value for businesses, who may earn carbon credits through the exchange of their End-of-First Life™ technology. Carbon credits, recognized by the Canadian Standards Association, will be issued for assets that can be resold.

Choose a secure and comprehensive service. TVR’s ITAD is an end-to-end service, that starts with the secure pick up and transportation of IT assets. These are delivered directly to our ISO-certified processing facility, where they are wiped clean, de-branded and refurbished for resale or recycled. Certificates are issued that verify that the data has been responsibly disposed. TVR is licensed under the Authorized Refurbisher (AR) program.

Risk Mitigation, Value Recovery, Responsible Recycling

Reduce risk, cost and complexity when your IT assets reach end-of-life with our comprehensive suite of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions. Protect your company by ensuring compliance with environmental and data security regulations and recover value from your retired assets. Focus your resources – and enhance program value – with a broad range of optional lifecycle support services. 

Enterprise ITAD

We are a leading global provider of secure, environmentally and legally compliant IT Asset Disposition and Lifecycle Support Services. We offer data destruction, e-waste recycling, and expanded services based on our deep industry expertise and driven by purpose-built control systems and a commitment to excellence.

ITSM Integration

Our apps and connectors for leading ITAD platforms, including ServiceNow and Eracent, provides an easy way for organizations to manage the end-of-service asset disposition process directly from their ITSM platform and provides a comprehensive, automated, end-to-end approach to IT asset management.

Reuse and E-Waste Recycling

As an experienced e-Stewards certified ITAD services provider our preference is for reuse whenever possible. When assets truly reach end-of-life, we follow meticulously detailed and proven data destruction and e-waste disposition processes that meet the highest environmental and legislative standards

Asset Recovery

Value is enhanced by combining asset recovery and asset management options with deep ITAD industry experience and market knowledge. Our expert staff advises clients on optimal refresh cycles then determines market timing and appropriate resale channels to enhance maximum value recovery