NSA’s Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research (CSDSR) guides the sanitization of information system (IS) storage devices. Resources for a vendor of storage device sanitization, the NSA Evaluated Products Lists (EPLs), and contact information for the Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research are provided on this page. 

The NSA/CSS Evaluated Products Lists equipment that meets NSA specifications. These lists apply to all NSA/CSS elements, contractors, and personnel, and pertains to all IS storage devices that they use.

For disposal or recycling per NSA/CSS Policy Manual 9-12, “Storage Device Sanitization and Destruction Manual”: Information stored on these devices may range from UNCLASSIFIED to TOP SECRET and may include compartmented, sensitive, or limited-distribution material.

The CSDSR updates the EPL as needed.

View the NSA EPL Expired Products List, April 2023

Vendors should follow this NSA evaluation process guidance for Information Storage (IS) sanitization systems. These devices must undergo an evaluation performed by the NSA and satisfy the requirements mandated for the type of storage devices being destroyed. Once the assessment is successful, the device will be included in the next update of the EPL. The EPL is meant to serve as guidance; inclusion in this document is not an endorsement by the NSA or the U.S. Government. All listed products are approved for the destruction of TS/SCI and below. For further technical information, contact the Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research or submit a web form request