The Telecoms industry is fast-paced, and the growth of new communication technologies means that some sites have become outdated and are no longer needed. The answer is decommissioning.

Our dedicated Decommissioning team uses White Glove to manage such projects. Our Property Program Manager, at Tri valley recyclers , gives us insight into how we oversee site decommissioning.

Before we begin telecom decommissioning, we make certain there are no other legal claims to the site work within the law and give proper notice of termination to any third parties. Next, we recover all branded equipment, which you can reuse or have us dispose of safely.

Our next step is to decommission the NOC and radio and microwave-based equipment carefully, so as not to cause damage. Then, we manage the entire process of disconnecting the power supply to the site. Next, we’ll remove the communication shelter, including all electrical equipment and wiring. Circuits are tested and can be kept for reuse if you wish. Finally, we dismantle the steelworks or perform selective or full-site demolition.

Key benefits of a successful telecom de-installation

  • Taking advantage of our services means that you can reduce your CAPEX by understanding your inventory and generate revenue from reselling or recycling your redundant network equipment
  • Having a sustainable and responsible approach to asset disposal avoids the need to abandon or stockpile obsolete equipment
  • Recovered parts can be sold through our asset resale program, giving you revenue and offsetting any de-installation costs
  • You’ll have a call back facility – every part that you’d like us to ship back to you will be physically checked, labelled and boxed in OEM-compliant, ESD packaging
  • The i-TRAC customer portal provides you with a visible audit trail for asset tracking
  • Projects will be fully compliant with local health and safety, environmental and WEEE directives

How our network de-installation process works

Our experienced team takes care of everything, from safely dismantling and removing hardware to refurbishing, resale and recycling. With us, you’re in expert hands from start to finish.

Whether it’s a one-off project or a complex multi-national operation scheduled to take place over several years, we have the expertise and resources to streamline the process, maximise your returns, and ensure both environmental sustainability and compliance.

We offer a comprehensive, documented and transparent solution for retiring your telecommunications equipment, with easy online access to asset information and responsive customer support. Here’s a quick overview of how this seamless process works